Written by Jason Zagami

There are a lot of factors that go into your website's search ranking. Keywords, Load Time, Bounce Rate, and Headings are some of the more influential factors. Today we're going to focus on what Bounce Rate is and how to improve it.

bounce rate

Bounce Rate

Your website's bounce rate is calculated by taking the number of visitors who visit only one page on your site and dividing that by the total number of visitors. So if you have 100 total visitors and 75 view only that one page, you have a 75% bounce rate (which is not good). If your website is built correctly, people will stay on the site longer and view more content. This, in turn, increases your search rankings, and your site will appear higher on search engines. You can learn more from Google.


Only Post Quality Content

Many business owners and marketers make the mistake of posting irrelevant information. This just bloats a website and turns people off. It's important to monitor your analytics and facebook insights to see what content gets more views and clicks. This will help you choose the next blog article or webpage topic.


Stick To What's Relevant

When it comes to web copy, less is more. Show them what they need to make an informed decision, but leave them asking for more. You want them to contact you, so give them a reason. Also, make sure it's easy to contact you. Check that your email forms work and that your contact info is correct. I can't tell you how many times it isn't.

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