Written by Jason Zagami

Over the last year we’ve been moving all of our clients off of WordPress. It’s become a nightmare to maintain and manage. For our clients who are sticking it out on Wordpress, hey we love the billable hours. But for everyone else, we feel that it’s a waste of their resources when there are so many better alternatives. 

5 Reasons We Moved Everyone Off WordPress:

  • It’s not secure. You need to monitor and optimize heavy security software.
  • It’s slow. Even on an optimized server it takes 2-4 times longer to page load than other platforms. 
  • Plugin Updates. Every time WordPress releases a new version, many plugins break. We spend hours working with 3rd party app developers troubleshooting issues. 
  • It’s too complex for clients. While it’s easy to code for, it’s not user friendly to novices. 


Security is a serious issue. Without Wordfence’s security software, your site is completely vulnerable. There are two types of people. Those who know that their WordPress site was hacked, and those who haven’t found out yet. 
Wordfence is great, but you need an expert to set it up correctly and monitor it. It’s not ready to go when you install it. 

Page Load Times

WordPress just can’t compete, even with an optimized server; caching, magnification, and a CDN (Content Delivery Network). We’ve spent hundreds of hours optimizing and still can’t come close to the speed of other platforms. It’s such a waste of money. 


Ugh. Every time there’s a WordPress version update, things start to break. And it’s always in a waterfall fashion. First something like WooCommerce will break, then their 3rd party plugins. It’s a nightmare.
Once again, we’re wasting hundreds or thousands of dollars, of our clients money. That money needs to go elsewhere, like content marketing or conversion optimization. 

User Friendliness

We want the best experience for our clients. And that means ease of use. Some agencies like complex systems because the client has to pay them for every little change. That’s not how we operate. 
We want you to feel comfortable with simple changes, and let us help with items that generate revenue and sales. 
WordPress by itself isn’t bad, but all the plugins and page builders necessary are a mess. It’s greatest strength (modularity) has become it’s biggest weakness. By making it so it can do everything, it ultimately doesn’t do anything well. 

What Do We Use?

We choose the best platform for the job. There is no great one-size-fits all solution when it comes to web development. 
For the most basic requirements we recommend Squarespace. It’s $18 per month, it’s easy to use and doesn’t require any maintenance. 
For medium to large companies looking for more advanced functionality, we recommend the HubSpot COS. It’s fast, powerful, and integrates with countless 3rd party solutions. 
For simple to mildly complex eCommerce websites we recommend Shopify. It’s easy to use, it’s fast, and requires no maintenance. 
For more complex builds or for enterprise clients, we recommend Magento for eCommerce. 

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