Written by Jason Zagami

I work with mostly small and medium size companies. Many of whom do everything on their own to save money. These small companies operate like a swiss army knife; being good at everything, but not exceptional at any one thing. Eventually however as you scale up, this no longer works. It's time to become a business specialist.

Larger Companies Have Stronger Competition

There comes a point where you’re no longer competing with local Mom and Pop operations. You’ve become a regional competitor. This is when you realize your new competition has larger budgets, more manpower, and greater brand recognition. How do you compete?

Do Better Work

Start by making your customer experience better than it needs to be. Spend more time talking to your customers. Seek out areas of improvement. Start innovating instead of chasing the industry leader. Find good help and hire them to do what you’re not good at.

It’s impossible to be the best when you’re trying to do it all.


business specialist sitting at his desk

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When It’s Cheaper to Hire People

I don’t do my own bookkeeping. The way I look at it, I can pay a bookkeeper $30 an hour for that. To hire a CEO to do my job costs several times that. So I’m left with three options:

  1. Do it all myself knowing the quality of work will suffer.
  2. Hire an expensive CEO so I can do a lower cost job.
  3. Or hire for lower cost jobs, so I can focus on my best work.

Do Your Best By Doing Less

My company, Seedling is doing the best it ever has, because I’m free to do my best work. I have time to brainstorm, write articles, test out ideas, and spend time with clients. My quality of work has significantly improved and people have noticed. I never worry about where the next client will come from. When your work can stand on its own, each great project leads to the next.

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