“The whole team at Seedling has been great working with us on a new ecommerce part of our website. They have navigated us through the whole process from creating the website to videos, photo shoots, and an inbound marketing strategy. They have been instrumental in getting our business on track with our ecomm site development.”

-Jim Faro, Jr., co-owner of Constitution Seafood

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Jim Faro Sr. and Jim Faro Jr. were in a position that many small businesses face: expansion. Their family has owned Constitution Seafood along the waters of the Boston harbor for more than 25 years, selling premium wholesale seafood to local restaurants across Massachusetts.

In 2018, they were ready to expand their business to include direct-to-customer retail to ship seafood to customers all over the U.S. Their website at the time was only set up for local, wholesale orders via a static online form.

They needed a full website redesign, including an e-commerce platform that would allow them to grow beyond the Boston area and ship seafood to individual customers all over the U.S.

There were a few key considerations that Constitution wanted us to keep in mind when putting together a web design:

  • They needed an e-commerce platform that included a store with extensive pricing and shipping options. 
  • Showcase the seafood products, front, and center.
  • It needed to be in an easy-to-use, templated format, so the owners could make changes to the site themselves, without needing to know any coding.
  • Constitution has a small team of employees, but the owners have their thumbprint on everything. That’s why many of their website processes needed to be automated. This would make their jobs easier and allow them to spend more time on other business tasks.
  • The design of the site should keep a New England, nautical feel.
  • As they branched out, it was important to the owners to fairly represent the history of the family-owned business. This meant prioritizing story-telling.
  • We needed to be sure to add in elements that highlight how Constitution stood out from their competition, such as their 80+ years of combined seafood purveying experience and their HACCP certification.



We knew an e-commerce site was going to take them to the next level, but growth is scary and comes with unforeseen challenges. For example, before we could dive in, Constitution did some work to re-organize their internal structure to be able to handle the large number of online orders.

The owners had a bad experience with a past agency in terms of the time it took from a submitted request to be implemented. It was important that we had a quick and efficient turn-around time to get individual projects finished.

How We Helped

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  1.  At Seedling we always take time to learn about our client. We spend a lot of time getting to know their business in order for us to understand what they’re trying to accomplish and what’s important to them.

  2.  Planning new photography. In order to present Constitution’s seafood in a way that would pop off the page, it had to be photo-centric. We knew beautifully styled and original photography was the best way to represent the products. So, we tapped into our arsenal of creative professionals to hire a food photographer, set designer, and stylist to capture these photos.
  3. Creating a short video. Seedling thought it was important to be able to capture the "caught, packed, sent" process so the customer can experience how easy it is to order and have fresh quality seafood delivered straight to their door.
  4. Start mapping out the new site. Constitution was a unique case because of their need for a website with an online retail platform integration that was also easy to manage. To meet this challenge, we developed their online store on Shopify and built out the rest (e-commerce pages) of their new website on Squarespace to make it incredibly simple for the client to edit on their own.



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We chose Shopify for e-commerce because it’s a streamlined software option that had all the features Constitution required. It connects with a wide array of UPS shipping options, it allows for minimum and bulk orders, and its interface makes it easy for the user to manage sales and run coupons. We chose Squarespace for the user-friendly templated design and simple back-end interface.

Splitting the website this way allowed us to present a completed solution for Constitution Seafood, customized to their specific needs.

ConstitutionSeafood.com launched in early February of this year with a bright and clean re-design. Since the new site went live, the orders have been flowing in.

The Follow-Through

Because our focus is on establishing long-term relationships with our clients, those tools included guidance and education in growth marketing to ensure an increase in traffic to their new website.

With Constitution, our goal was to empower the owners by providing all the tools they needed to be the captains of their own ship. 

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