Written by Jason Zagami

Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress  into a positive one.
Every interaction a customer has with your brand is marketing, this includes your customer support team, a host at a restaurant, and a GM responding to online reviews. If someone has a bad interaction, people are going to hear about it. Conversely, a great unexpected experience will get shared and embedded.
Spotify uses a customer service framework called Positive-Active. They are actively listening for mentions and respond with positivity. In some cases they aren’t able to solve a users issue, but they still surprise and delight. 

What is Positive-Active?

Positive-Active is about creating rapport with customers, making them feel genuinely heard, and then trying your best to help them while using positive language. For instance, if someone was belligerent on Twitter or on a review you could engage with them positively. I see tweets and reviews all the time where a customer is clearly having a bad day. 
Twitter Customer Service
You want to avoid negative words such as “We Can’t”, “No”, We Don’t Know” or “It’s Not Available”. Instead, let customers know if you’re working on it or if you can pass it on to the right people for review.

Online Reviews

 I love online reviews, good and bad. It gives businesses an idea on how well they are doing at serving customers needs. Good reviews are great, but it’s the bad reviews I live for.
Don’t be afraid of bad reviews. Bad reviews give credibility to your brand, they show the world you have nothing to hide. Bad reviews also give you a chance to surprise and delight customers.
Once again, people want to be heard. If you can make the reviewer feel heard and appreciated, while trying to solve the problem, it's a WIN. It will surprise you how often you will turn an upset customer into a repeat customer just by listening and responding positively. 

What You Can Do

 If you haven’t already, set up Google Alerts for mentions on your company or brand. Reach out and engage with customers who are talking about you, good or bad. People are going to talk about your brand either way. It can only help to be a part of the conversation. 
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