Written by Jason Zagami

I want to share an example of Inbound Marketing that was perfectly executed. A few days ago while watching car videos on YouTube (Which I 💜), a Nissan GT-R review popped up in my feed. The video was actually sponsored content, but It was so well done I almost didn’t realize that it was an ad.

Ok. So What?

Sponsored content is usually poorly executed, and comes across as awkward or forced.

kids meme

Image Credit: http://hugelol.com/lol/27803

But this wasn’t. It felt natural and organic. It felt like other (non-sponsored) videos from this channel. Every now and again the stars align, allowing talented creatives to produce engaging content tied to a helpful Call To Action. 

In this instance they first caught my attention with a hot new supercar. The video is entertaining and features a fun story with a funny kid. (yes...funny kids...fast cars...the only thing missing is puppies.) Then, three minutes into it -- at the perfect time -- a small, unobtrusive pop-up appears where I can request a test drive. 

 View the “Request a GT-R Test Drive” Landing Page

Homerun! Of course I want to test drive your supercar. This company zeroed in on the right demographic with the right content -- and it wasn’t in my face! I’m willing to bet that if you weren’t interested, you may not have even noticed. That’s why it’s so good.

Traditional advertising can sometimes be clever, or aesthetically pleasing but for the most part...it’s just plain annoying. It has become ineffective as brands overspend to interrupt and annoy us with the wrong message at the wrong time. Stop Selling At Me!

Inbound Marketing is about being helpful or interesting and relevant. This was the right video, targeted at the right people and at the right time.

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