Written by Jason Zagami

How often have you found yourself wondering if an employee was the right fit for the job? They interviewed well and their resume looked great, but something is missing?
We’ve all been there, wishing we could gain insight into their mind and understand why they weren’t performing as expected. 
People usually hire based on education and experience because that’s easy to assess, but it’s the weakest indicator of future performance. 
Head, Heart, Briefcase
The reason most candidates don't work out is that they have the knowledge, skills and experience to do the job, but they may not have behavioral drives, cognitive ability, values or interests aligned for the job. 
In 2019, I hired the wrong candidate for the last time ever!
Seedling was looking for a great data scientist, so we posted the job and got numerous promising candidates to apply. 
The candidate I hired had a great resume and was loved by his impressive references. He started out strong, but each week he became less and less effective, eventually to the point where he was making critical mistakes and putting our reputation at risk. 
I was so confused as to what had happened. Before I transitioned him out, we began implementing Behavioral Assessments and had all our employees take it.
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It became immediately apparent where I went wrong. This employee was wired completely wrong for the job he applied for. 
Job Assessment
What you're seeing is a behavioral assessment overlayed on top of a job assessment. The orange boxes represent where an ideal candidate's behavioral drives would be, and this employee was the exact opposite of that. The formality drives (A, B, C, & D) should be within those boxes. 
This employee was doing their best to stretch in order to fit the job, but it was exhausting and more than they could manage over time. 
What the job required was someone who is independent, introverted, driven, and precise
Employee Placard

I couldn't believe how obvious this was after a simple behavioral assessment. We immediately realized how powerful this tool can be for the success and growth of every company out there, so we went all-in and became a certified Predictive Index Partner Agency

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