Written by Jason Zagami


Email Marketing isn't dead, in fact it's more relevant than ever. It's a direct connection to your audience. Unlike social posts that only get viewed if someone is online at the right time, an email is in the inbox until it's read or removed. 

Email Marketing works when you follow the marketing fundamentals.

  1. Define your goal - develop a strategy
  2. Be helpful - share valuable content
  3. Don't be annoying - it's about them, not you
  4. Build an audience - grow organically
  5. Make them feel special - offer more to email subscribers
  6. Build a conversion path - nurture buyers along the way

Define your Goal

If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there

Many marketers spin their wheels without knowing what they're really working towards. Make sure to start with a goal and then measure success along the way. 

Be Helpful

The fastest way to get what you want, is to help others get what they want. How can you help your audience? Would they like free tips, recipes, interesting stories, or technical knowledge? Don't be afraid to test ideas. 

Don't be Annoying

Everyone hates telemarketers. Don't use email the way telemarketers use the phone. If every email is self-serving or promotional, your subscribers will disappear faster than a toupe in a hurricane.  

Toupee blown by fan

Before you send an email, ask yourself, would I want to read this? Don't send emails that are self serving or overly promotional. Share relevant and helpful information. 

We send at least 4 emails that are helpful for every 1 that's promotional.

Build Your Audience

Are you growing your email list? 

Make it easy for people to join. Add a signup form on your website, & social profiles. 

Yelp now offers a service for your location where visitors can get free WiFi if they share their email address with you.

Think of ways you can offer something of value in exchange for email addresses. 

Make Them Feel Special

Scarcity is a powerful tool. Create insider deals or programs which reward followers. This could be early access to products or information, free samples, gifts or discounts. 

If it's done well, people will tell their friends and you'll see quick list growth.   

Build a Conversion Path

Solid email marketing is going to drive traffic to your website, directly or indirectly. Make sure once people get to your site, it's easy for them to convert. 

Whether your an eCommerce business or B2B service based company, define your end goal and work backwards. If you're unfamiliar with Inbound Marketing, HubSpot offers free online classes that will turn you into a Marketing Rockstar. 

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