Written by Jason Zagami

I'd like to think that I’m brave. I’ve fought MMA, competed in CrossFit, climbed treacherous mountains, flown hang gliders and raced cars at triple digit speeds. But there’s always been one thing that’s paralyzed me with fear - Outbound Sales. I’ve avoided it my entire career. 
My success was severely hampered by my fear of Outbound Sales. I took the cowardly approach; emailing, sending letters, even hiring underwhelming sales people to do it for me. 
Emailing didn’t work. After mailing 10,000 letters I didn’t get a single deal. The salesperson I hired was also too scared to do his job, and I couldn’t lead by example. So, for years my only sales pipeline was referrals. 

Why I Failed

I was afraid to cold-call and to interrupt decision makers. I was afraid of rejection. I used the excuse that I didn’t have proper sales training. So, I avoided Outbound Sales. Ultimately my fear and inaction has cost me millions of dollars over the years. I desperately needed to generate more money and I was willing to learn anything that could help me. 
In the end of 2017, I committed to becoming a HubSpot Partner, enticed by the concept of Inbound Marketing, and once again avoiding Outbound Sales. I was an Inbound go-getter, writing blogs, starting a Podcast, creating Pillar Pages, and taking all the HubSpot Academy Classes. 
But once again, I was using this as an excuse, assigning myself tasks to keep me too busy for Outbound Sales. 

How Dan Tyre and Evan DiLeo Changed Everything

A few months after becoming a HubSpot partner, I was working hard to learn and apply the Inbound Methodology for Seedling, being my own best customer. HubSpot assigned me a Channel Account Manager (CAM) who’s job is to help me succeed and grow Seedling as an agency.
I was lucky enough to get partnered with Evan DiLeo, and let me tell you, I’ve never seen anyone work as hard for my success at this guy. He is amazingBut the best thing he ever did for me was to nominate me for Dan Tyre’s 8-Week Pipeline Generation Bootcamp.

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Dan is an Agency Sales Rockstar. He’s successfully started, grown, and sold marketing agencies at a clip most could only dream of. He’s also HubSpot’s 6th hire, instrumental in helping them grow to a 4.5 Billion Dollar Valuation. And he’s helped hundreds of agencies grow their revenue in multiples. 
I was lucky enough to secure a seat in his April 2018 Class. 

Here’s What I Learned in 7 Steps

  1. Define a Positioning Strategy - For years I was trying to be all things to all people. I never had a focus or a specialty. I went wide and shallow instead of narrow and deep. I had no focus. HubSpot taught me to concentrate my focus on a well defined market segment that we could dominate. 
  2. Identify Quality Leads - Once I defined my positioning strategy I could easily see who was the right type of customer and who wasn’t. I'll never again take on a client or project that isn’t helping Seedling attain steady long-term growth.  
  3. Rapport - When I’ve identified a Quality Lead (Company), I learn about key stakeholders on a personal level: where did they go to school, what are their interests, do we have mutual connections, are our kids the same age? If I don’t find common ground and connect on a personal level it’s hard to build trust and authority. 
  4. Marketing Research - Next, I need to be able to help them. By researching their marketing efforts, I find opportunities. No company is perfect, and most times their internal marketing team is too busy to notice that a lead form is broken, that they're not using a conversion path, or their blog is self serving instead of offering content of value for their consumers. 
  5. The Connect Call - This was the hard part. At first it felt so much like cold-calling, I became paralyzed by fear. This is where Dan and my classmates were so crucial.
    Dan gave us the tools and confidence to start making calls. He prepared us with role-playing and shared examples. We were all in this together, pushing through our fear of rejection and anxiety. It didn’t take long before I realized people were actually happy to hear from me when I put in the time to learn about them and offer valuable advice. 
  6. Overcoming Objections - Executives get upwards of 10+ sales calls a day. It has becomes a knee-jerk reaction to object before they know what they’re objecting to. By treating stakeholders as human beings and actively listening, you can ask insightful questions which will soften their defensive reaction and allow you to have a open conversation on ways you can help. 
  7. Exploratory Calls - Not every client is ready for help. Some may be stuck in a contract with a competitor, in a budget lockout, or going through an org change. An exploratory call is the next step in finding out if you and the potential client are a good fit for each other, culturally or otherwise. 


Thanks to Dan and Evan, Seedling is well on it’s way to doubling in size. I’ve been actively seeking out and closing deals month after month. While it’s my hard work that is getting us there, it’s the training, tools, and support from Dan and Evan that gave me the confidence to make it happen. 
I’ve taken countless courses, trainings, and hired performance coaches. While they’ve all been great in one way or another, they weren’t succeeding in helping me overcome my fear of Outbound Sales. Dan and Evan did that! 

Why Should You Care?

Now that I've learned, applied, and benefitted from the sales tools and training gained from Dan's Pipeline Generation Bootcamp, I can pass this knowledge on to our clients. 
We're teaching Pipeline Generation Workshops, and empowering the sales teams of our Inbound Marketing clients. 

Free Tools For Pipeline Generation 

There are 4 online tools I use everyday to fill my Deal Pipeline. I've included descriptions and links in the eBook below. 
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