Written by Courtney Morey

Jason Zagami of Seedling explains what the majority of websites are like right now,

“Websites hold static content with the same message for everyone. When I visit a website it doesn’t get to know me, it doesn’t care to understand me, it just kind of talks at me. Sometimes I find what I’m looking for, but when I do, it takes longer than it should have.”

Yikes! That doesn’t sound like a positive user experience.




Are people talking about your business this way? They could be.

People value instant gratification. Time is precious, and if you value the time of the people visiting your site and you're able to solve their problems quickly you’ll have a customer for life.

You don’t want your website to be filled with accolades and advertisements pushing to sell.

This is like asking a friend for help but every time you try to tell them what you’re looking for they talk over you and tell you why they’re so good at what you’ve been struggling with instead of providing a solution. Frustrating, isn’t it?

You need to care about what your audience needs and what problem they’re looking to solve.

The way websites talk to people needs to change. We need to be more human in our businesses and websites. Your business fills a need, let people know that you’re here to help them!

How Can We Change

People gravitate toward familiar businesses but imagine if a new business opened and exceeded their expectations.

Think about restaurants, everyone has their favorite, but why is it their favorite?


Regulars become regulars because their visit is personalized by that business and that makes them feel special. People want to feel like they are important.

Say our regular’s name is Bob and his wife is Dianne. Bob and Dianne visit this restaurant every Friday for their special date night. When Bob and Dianne walk into the restaurant they’re greeted warmly by the hostess and they’re promptly seated.

When their server comes to the table, she knows them by name, she offers their favorite cocktails and informs them of the specials she thinks they may like based on their previous visits. Toward the end of the dinner, without being prompted, the manager comes to the table with two flutes of champagne to toast to Bob’s and Dianne’s anniversary.

It's all in the details, it's your responsibility to provide an excellent experience. 




First Impressions Are Everything

People want to feel that their needs come first with businesses and it in many cases, their first interaction with your business is your website.

If you have a well-organized and constructed website then your visitors will be able to find what they need more easily. Make sure you have a clear call to action on your page so that if your website visitors like what they see and decide to purchase your product or schedule a meeting with you, they won't have to wonder how to do it.

Bots have become a treasured tool for websites as well. They add a very personalized form of customer service to websites. They can be used as an automated tool that can answer basic questions. If you're a larger company, and can afford the extra help, it's also a nice touch to have people on hand to answer questions quickly and with sincerity. Instant gratification mixed with personalization. Similar to the server in our restaurant example above.

With all of the businesses pushing to make a sale, you’ll be a customer’s first pick because you’ll prove that you care by putting them first. If you prove that you want to help people who visit your website then you’ll have a lower bounce rate and will be able to convert them into life-long customers.


Let’s bring some humanity back into business, we’ll lead the way!

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