Written by Jason Zagami

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Last week I purchased new tires for my car from Direct Tire. I dropped the car off and an hour later I received an SMS text message with a camera-phone video demonstrating an issue they ran into.

Click here to see the video

As a marketer, I thought two things:

  1. This is an incredible use of standard SMS & video technology.

  2. I need to learn more.

I did some digging and could see from the url that the company behind it was https://truvideo.com. Their focus is on only one industry - automotive repair.

Why wouldn’t you sell this to every B2C service/repair/maintenance company? I immediately thought how plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, pest removal services, and more could use this. Showing issues through video, you can’t argue with that. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth at least a million.

Why is TruVideo limiting themselves? To me, it seems crazy.

ABN Analysis


Their technology does two things. It sends a video to a customer through an SMS text message. Most likely through the use of a CRM system.

It’s not complicated. This company took two or three tools we use every day and put them together in a new way. That’s it.


When I started looking through LinkedIn, I could see that the founders had previous work experience in the automotive tech space. I get why they started there, but it’s a self-imposed boundary or restriction. If I were them, I’d sell this to ServiceMaster, Terminix, and every other large chain or franchise B2C repair and maintenance company.


I don’t know what their internal narrative is. Anything I write here is purely speculative. Their restriction isn’t about core capabilities, those are the same no matter what the service company. It seems to be more about staying in the comfort zone.

I’m guessing the narrative to be something along the lines of:

The automotive services business is a $52 Billion Dollar Industry (2018) and growing. We have the perfect technological solution to help service departments and consumer better understand one another and increase trust, which in turn will increase business and customer satisfaction.

They could easily 10x or 20x their potential by expanding their companies positioning statement.