Written by Jason Zagami

 Are you using the LinkedIn Sales Navigator to find new leads? If not, you need to. This sales tool is so powerful you’ll never make a cold call again.

According to research from Social Centered Selling, 72.6% of salespeople who incorporated social media into their process outperformed their colleagues. In addition, socially savvy reps beat their quotas 23% more often.

What is Sales Navigator?

Sales Navigator is a tool from LinkedIn that allows you to run searches and find your ideal buyer. It will search by every relevant metric: Company Size, Location, Industry, Job Function, Job Title, any many more.

Other features include:

  • See who’s viewed your profile
  • InMail Messaging
  • Lead Recommendations
  • News and Insights on Leads or Companies
  • PointDrive Presentations (Use This!!!)

How Does it Work?

You can easily take what I’m doing, and modify it to fit your own sales style.

First, make sure you have a solid profile on LinkedIn. Get a professional headshot, explain who you are, what you do, and the types of clients you work with. Include testimonials and case studies if possible.

Next, run your sales search in Sales Navigator. I like to narrow it down to a few hundred prospects at a time. If your search comes back with a thousand people, tighten up the search parameters. Be more specific.

When the profile fits your Ideal Buyers Profile, click “Save as lead”. This will move them to your “Saved Leads” and notify you by email when they share a post or appear in the news.



This next step is the most important yet rarely done. For each person I’m interested in speaking with, I check out their profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to find out what we have in common. That way I can start a conversation with a common interest -- that we’re on the same side.

It’s important to show that you care and that you’re not just interested in making a buck. Be a human being first, and a salesperson second. This isn’t all that scaleable and that’s the point. Most salespeople will never take the time to get to know their stakeholders.

Once you’ve connected and created a rapport, you’ve now earned the right to find out if -- and how -- you’re able to help them. Convert cold leads into warm leads. The salespeople who take the time will win.

Why Should You Care?

I use Sales Navigator to research every company and prospect to see if they’re a good fit before reaching out. I never waste time cold calling. I never waste time emailing unless I’ve determined that they fit my Ideal Buyers Profile.

Think of how much time this will save you, and how many more deals you’ll close.

Most of what I learned came from LinkedIn Sales Coach, John Nemo. Read his free book LinkedIn Riches. I highly recommend it.

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