Written by Courtney Morey

Summer is quickly approaching, and we can see that people are excited based on what they’re buying. We’ve been hearing a lot about recession and economic doom and gloom from the media, but based on the spending trends we’re seeing on Think with Google, that’s not the case. 

Nothing is stopping people from enjoying their summer, even if it looks a little bit different this year. If you are in the business of outdoor activities and home improvement, this is going to be your season! People across the US are excited to get back to grilling, bike-riding, and rollerblading, and we are too!


Swimming Pools +300%

The number one category trending in retail searches on Google is swimming pools, more specifically above ground swimming pools. People searching these keywords are looking to hunker down well into the summer but they aren’t staying inside! People everywhere are shopping for swimming pools, surprisingly even people living in Florida and Hawaii where some of the nicest beaches are located.

In relation to pools; pool covers, pool toys, inflatable slides and more are going to be hot products for this summer.


Golf Bag Accessories +200%

FOUUUURRR! It’s no surprise that golf accessory sales are increasing as the weather gets better. Golfers are pumped to get out there even if the golf carts are still off-limits. There’s nothing like the fresh air, a nice beverage, and some healthy competition! 


Trampolines +100%

In addition to trampolines, hammocks, slides, and child bicycle seats are rising in consumer purchases. It looks like family and neighborhood activities are going to be at the forefront of this summer, bringing us back to the wholesome summers before Minecraft.


Outdoor furniture sets and Umbrellas +200%


Gardening accessories,

Cultivating tools, Garden Hoses +100%


People have spent more time inside their home than they’d probably like to up to this point and now that summer is coming, the Google trends show that they’re excited to spend some quality time in the backyard. 

Of course, safety is still in mind with sneeze guard purchases listed as the 3rd most popular search but the majority of searches are projecting a beautiful and activity-filled summer. And that’s just fine with us.


While summer plans are shifting, so are people’s purchases. Opportunity is still alive, people are still buying, you just need to know what your audience is shopping for! 

If you’re unsure how to navigate through the changing tides of the economy, Seedling can guide you through these summertime waters and help you get you to where you want to be this summer.  

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