Written by Jason Zagami

Of the hundreds of Web Design mistakes I see each week, here are the 7 most common mistakes that are costing you business. 

1. Not Mobile Optimized

Your website isn't optimized for mobile devices. Not only are most visitors viewing your site on a smartphone, but search engines penalize your ranking for this.

If your website isn't mobile optimized, order a rebuild, like 3 years ago. 

not mobile optimized

2. Broken Links / 404 Error

I can't tell you how many businesses spend advertising dollars to drive traffic to a broken website. Broken links and 404 errors are terrible.

Click on all your links to make sure they work. 

broken links

3. Difficult or Impossible to Read

Please make it easy for people to read your website. Don't put white text over a light background or place text over an image of text. 

If people can't understand you, they won't buy from you.

cant read

4. Missing Forms or Forms that are too long

When building website forms, only ask for the information you really need. The more questions you add to a form, the fewer responses you're going to get. Ask yourself: 'Self, would I take the time to fill out this form?'

Don't be lazy. If someone fills out a request form, call them and learn more about them. 

Use forms. Don't just post a link to an email address. It's not professional. 

Check that the form works. Send a test to yourself. 

website forms

5. Missing Blog Content or Old Blog Content

If you aren't posting at least every month, remove your blog. It's a turn-off to see old outdated information. Blogging is a great way to become a better communicator. It also gives you a great opportunity to answer common questions asked by your customers. 

An outdated blog tells the world that you just don't care or you're not paying attention. 

Make time to Blog at least once a week. 

missing blog

6. Missing a Call To Action

If you have visitors coming to your website, make it clear what next steps you would like them to take. 

Create a conversion path and nurture visitors to convert them into opportunities. 

Create a clear call to action that moves visitors towards a purchase.

call to action

7. Too Many Calls To Action

When creating a conversion path, choose a goal and stick to it. Don't confuse visitors with multiple CTA's. 

Stick to a single Call To Action on a page.

confusing c2a


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