Written by Jason Zagami

Imagine if you knew every time a prospect opened an email or document, or viewed your webpages. Not only could you access this information, but how awesome would that be if you were notified so you could reach out to them?

Research shows that “the odds of making a successful contact with a lead are 100 times greater when a contact attempt occurs within 5 minutes, compared to 30 minutes.”

Drift tested the response time of 433 companies. Only 7% responded within the first 5 minutes after a form submission. More than half didn’t respond within 5 business days.

Are you connecting with your leads within 5 minutes, or are you letting your competition get to them first? You don’t need ESP to know who is thinking about you or looking at your site. But you do need this…


What is Tracking Code?

Tracking Code is a small snippet of JavaScript that allows tools such as Google Analytics & HubSpot to record who is viewing your web pages, from what IP address, and for how long.

Tracking Code is on nearly every website, gathering data on everywhere you visit and what you do there.


How Does It Work?

Basic info alone is enough to help you find a new customer. The prospecting tool on HubSpot’s CRM shows you what business that IP address belongs to. Once that’s revealed, you can call the company. The goal is to find out who was looking into your product/service and to be as helpful as you can answering their questions. When you call a company you can say something like: “Hi, someone from your company was looking at [the web page subject they were viewing]. Do you know who might be the person interested in that topic?

This works more often than most people realize.

An even better scenario is when an existing lead views some form of digital content (web page, email, price sheet, etc.). You can set up notifications and see their history in a timeline on your CRM. What a fabulous advantage! You can see exactly when and what interests them. When this happens, don’t wait. Reach out to them right away. And I mean within 5 minutes. That will increase your chance of closing the deal by a huge percentage. As the clock keeps ticking, and the days go by, that chance decreases. In fact, waiting just one hour decreases the chance of a lead converting to a customer by over 10 times! Take a look at these minute-by-minute odds.


Why Should You Care?

Because not using these tools are costing you business.

These tools are easy to implement and in some cases FREE. Check out Google Analytics and HubSpot’s CRM.

We recommend using HubSpot tracking code + CRM. This is the power play. It not only tracks viewers, leads, and prospects, but organizes that information in the CRM, and can send you alerts when a high-value lead is reviewing your information.

So, remember the 5-minute rule...use it wisely...and go get ‘em!