Written by Jason Zagami

Around 2/3 of all phone calls I receive on my cell are spammy. They're usually SEO Firms pretending to be Google or lenders offering high interest loans. While these calls are annoying, I actually love watching this digital marketing arms race. 
Organizations that are terrible at sales and marketing use automated calling software (robocalls) to dial hundreds or thousands of numbers per day. The cost per call is so low that they can dial millions of numbers and still turn a profit when their conversion rate is .00001. 
Robocalling is far cheaper than direct mail, online ads, and hiring human dialers. That’s the bad news. 
The FTC, Google and others are working to fight spam phone calls. Since 2009 the Federal Government has been charging and fining companies millions of dollars, but that, in and of itself isn’t enough. It’s not deterring companies from calling.
There are also ways to block calls from Spam numbers, but once again (Arms Race) companies are Caller ID Spoofing to get around that. The weakness of the telemarketers business model is that at some point an expensive human being will have to speak with the few who actually do convert (buying what they are selling). 
This whole things works at scale using the robocaller to pre-qualify people and then pass them onto an order taker. That’s where a service like RoboKiller shines. It fools the robocaller and toys with the human order taker, wasting the companies money, and ultimately making it less cost effective. 
Google is using their voice recognition to screen calls for you, making robocalls ineffective. This is an amazing feature included in the new Pixel 3 phone. Watch the video to see it in action. 
So what’s next in this arms race? Skipping the phone call all together and directly spamming your voicemail. Telemarketers can call your mobile phone but avoid you all together going straight to your voicemail without ever ringing your phone. 
While it’s not as annoying as interrupting you with a phone call, it’s still annoying having to check your voicemail to see what you missed. 

I truly believe that it won’t be much longer before spam phone calls are a thing of the past. Technology is making it less effective and profitable as a sales channel. 
If this is something your company is doing, you need to find an alternative before it’s too late. Be one of the good guys. Meet customers on their terms. Find a way to create value for the consumer. Surprise and Delight instead of Annoy and Disrupt. 
Listen to Brian Halligan explain where things are headed
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