Written by Jason Zagami

Beginning in July 2018, websites not protected by an SSL Certificate will be Marked as Insecure to visitors by Google. That means visitors will see a notification that the site isn't protected and they should turn back. 


Don't Scare Away Customers

An SSL Certificate is a form of encryption that protects visitors of a website, so hackers can't get between the visitor and the websites information. 

not secure

Without an SSL Certificate, a hacker can not only view information transfered back and forth (including form data) but they can also change links and information. They can take you away from the site or tricking you into thinking you are still on the site when you aren't.

The last thing you want is your customers getting tricked into clicking on Viagra Links. You can laugh, but it happens all the time. 

It's an Easy Fix

Many hosting providers offer SSL Certificates for Free. And if they don't it's usually less than $100 per year for one. Ask your webmaster or host provider to help you set it up. 

If you need help, we're always available. 

Look for the Green Lock

Websites protected by an SSL Certificate will show Secure before the HTTPS in green in the URL field. You'll also see the Green Lock icon. 

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