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6 Money Murdering Mistakes

Is your company creating any content? Is it interesting and helpful to anyone, or is it just a salesy digital brochure passed off as a free helpful guide

The problem is, most companies are pumping out useless, boring tired information, and they wonder why growth is slow. Would you want to read your own content? 

Today we’re going to talk about Creative Execution. That’s the 4th step in our 6-part marketing framework. If you haven’t listened to the first 3 parts, go back and start with the episode on goal-setting. 

I meet with a lot of business owners and CEOs who want to know why sales are slow. When I look through their digital presence, they have nothing of value to attract and excite potential customers. 

People have no time or interest to read the novel of an about you page on your website. They don’t care who had a baby in your office. And they definitely don’t want to be sold on the first visit. 

Less than 1 out of 100 companies are marketing in a way that actually attracts visitors, engages them, and builds trust, which ultimately drives sales and sales velocity. 

So, here are the 6 Money Murdering Mistakes I see businesses making, and here’s what you can do about it. 

Number 1.  Share Don’t Sell

Companies aren’t sharing anything of interest of value. You should be an expert in your industry. Don’t assume people know as much as you do. They don’t. Think of questions you get asked each week. Take those questions and create an FAQ webpage or ebook. It will blow you away how effective that can be. Marcus Sheridan grew his pool company to be the largest in the country using this method. I’ll link to his book They Ask, You Answer in the show notes. 

Number 2. Perfection is the Enemy of Done

Make it easy to do. Don’t overcomplicate things with high-production value, shoot for award-winning designs, or make excuses that you can’t afford it. People don’t care about aesthetic quality when it comes to helpful content. Depending on the format, article, ebook, video, audio, etc… what’s important is whether or not it’s helpful and interesting. As Donald Miller of Storybrand would say, how does it help them survive and thrive? 

The point here is, if you make it easy for yourself to do, it will get done. I had to make podcasting easier, so I ditched the studio and now record and upload short unedited episodes on my phone. Simplify the process and share your knowledge with the world. 

Number 3. Call Them To Action

Include a Call-To-Action. Nearly every website I see doesn’t make it clear to the visitor what to do. If it’s not clear what to do next, people will do nothing. There should be a clear Call-To-Action on every webpage, ebook, and social post. If you make visitors work to find a way to do business with you, they won’t. 

Not sure how difficult it is for someone, ask a friend to go on your website. See where they get lost or stuck. 

Number 4. New Phone, Who Dis?

Check your links, phone number, and forms. I hate when I go to a website and their links and forms don’t work. Or worse, when the phone number or address is wrong. Also check your online business listings. Make sure it’s all accurate. If I an get a hold of you, I can’t buy from you. 

Number 5. 3-Second Rule

How long does it take to access your site on mobile? If it’s more than 3 seconds, most people aren’t sticking around. That means get off WordPress or an image-heavy website with flash animations and a server with 12 thousand other websites.

We highly recommend Squarespace. There isn’t anything out there that can match it. For around $20 a month it’s amazing. They handle server optimization and security. There are no plugins or version updates.

I’m not paid to say that. I’m probably the only Podcast left that’s not sponsored by them. 
Number 6. What Gets Measured Gets Managed
Are you looking at the data? What’s the ROI on your time and effort marketing? This is the part marketers don’t want to tell you. Most business owners are too busy and overwhelmed to get into the data. The truth is, A-Players want to measure. If your marketing agency or internal team isn’t excitedly running up to you each month with the numbers, it’s time to fire them. 
You need to go out today and find someone who can’t wait to prove their ROI to you. 
I can’t stress that enough. The day you do that, is the day your company begins explosive growth. 
I hope that was helpful. Let me know on Twitter, by email or on LinkedIn. You can find those links in the show notes. 
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Have a great night, and I’ll see you in a few days for the 5th step in our 6-part framework. Performance Reporting.