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Boost Sales Using Lead Intelligence

Lead Intelligence is a powerful tool in a salesperson's arsenal. Are you using to your advantage? Learn what it is and how you can use it on today's Podcast.

Conversational Commerce

In this weeks episode I explain what Conversational Commerce is, how it's boosted sales for companies like 1800Flowers and how you can benefit from it.

What The Cambridge Analytica Scandal Can Teach Us About Marketing

Cambridge Analytica scandal has moved from the shadows to Headline News after it was revealed that they profited from misappropriated facebook data of 50 Million Americans. That data was used to help the Trump Campaign win the 2016 election using experimental psychology and manipulation. See how.

Do You Suck At Twitter?

Twitter is an amazingly powerful platform when you get it right. Unfortunately, most people only know how to half use it. Learn some tips from the top digital marketers including Scott Stratten, Gary Vaynerchuck and Alex Silberman.

Sprouting April 4th

We're getting ready to launch the CPM Podcast - Digital Marketing Stories. Available in April 2018