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Today I’m talking about empathy. What it is, how empathetic companies win, and how you can foster a more empathetic culture.

This is the CPM Podcast and I’m your host, Jason Zagami


The fastest way to unlocking my wallet is by making me feel understood. I spent 15 minutes on the phone today with a sales person from the Better Business Bureau. He wanted to sell me a membership plan. 

He had a good pitch, data to back it up, case studies and he worked through many of my objections. But he was never going to close this sale because he couldn’t see his product through my eyes. 

He was so focused on his reasons for why it was a great product. He never stopped to think about my mine. His reasons didn’t align with my motivations. 

Empathy is understanding someone else, and the ability to see the world through their eyes. 

There is no shortcut for this. It only works if you truly care. 

I love working on cars. One project I have going on right now is an old BMW. Locally there’s a e-commerce store Called Bavarian Autosport that sells BMW parts. They organize an Swap Meet in their parking-lot. They invite customers to come down and trade or sell parts to one another. 

They don’t take a cut. They don’t charge anyone to attend. And the parts customers trade or sell to each other, could be purchased through this retailer. 

Why would they invite people to come down and essentially complete with their business? Because helping customers fix or restore their BMW is their core value.

Everything they do is aligned with their customers needs, pain points, motivations and values. 

They design tools that make it easier for customers to work on their cars at home. They have a YouTube channel that walks you through nearly every install and repair. And they answer customers technical questions on their blog and online forums. 

This is why they are outselling their competitors. 

Empathy also works outside the consumer market. Although it’s less common it’s also works in B2B. I became a HubSpot partner because they are the most empathetic B2B company in Digital Marketing. 

Everything they do is to help me and their other customers grow their businesses. 

While other companies may offer a great SAAS solution, HubSpot goes 10 times further. They offer an online learning academy to train my staff. Senior executives teach live interactive bootcamps. And I have two HubSpot employees dedicated to help my company sell more deals, get better results for my clients, and mentor me on scaling my company. 

They don’t need to do this. It’s incredibly expensive.

But they know by doing it, I’ll never leave them for a competitor. 

They understand my goals, pain points, motivations and values. 

So, how do you do it? You have to talk to your customers or potential customers. Without trying to sell them anything, ask questions to gain an understanding into what would help them. Learn what motivates them. What do they value?

If you’re like the Better Business Bureau salesman, it’s going to be a tough road ahead. If he understood my motivations, he could have sold me. 

I ask everybody, how I can help you grow? I keep asking questions until I understand their goals, challenges, motivations and values. People want to share, they want to feel understood, and they want to work with people who care. 

Put other people ahead of yourself. I can’t tell you how many times a week I help people, expecting nothing in return. I’ll even recommend a competitor if I believe they are better suited to help in a particular area.

You can’t fake empathy. You can’t measure it. There’s no KPI for that.

Be more human. Try that for a week and see how it goes. And let me know on Twitter. 

You can reach me @JasonZagami.

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