Written by Jason Zagami


Creating your first eBook is easier than ever with the help of a few online services. Here are 5 steps on how to create your first ebook.

eBooks are an important part of an effective Content Marketing Plan. 

If you create valuable enough information, you can exchange that info for a website visitors contact info. This is our top content medium for inbound lead generation. 

Step 1 - Personas

Start by defining who your audience is through Customer Personas. A persona is a fictional representation of a type of person. The exercise of creating personas will help you clarify the right type of person you're looking for so you can write content as if you were speaking to them. 

Don't skip this step. I've included a guide to help you get started. 


Inbound Marketing eBook by Jason Zagami

Step 2 - Choosing a Topic

Now that you've defined your audience, you can understand their frustrations and interests. What will you help them with? How can you create value?

If you owned a Pest Control company, you would want to write an eBook on methods of pest control. Explain the pro's and con's of solutions. Which options are toxic? Which options are safe around pets and young children?

Google some ideas and see what's out there. Find a way to offer something new or repackage information in a more helpful way. 

Step 3 - Design

Designing an eBook used to be an ordeal. You either did it yourself and it looked awful, or you had to pay an expensive designer. Canva solved all that. They have hundreds of eBook templates that look amazing. 


We build all of our eBooks using Canva. It also has a fun feature that turns book covers into animated gifs. It doesn't always work but when it does it's awesome! 

animated ebook

Make it real with a 3D Ebook Creator. Adazing is an online tool that is super easy to use and it's free.  


ebook cover

Step 4 - Call To Action

Another great feature of PDF eBooks is the ability to include links. Most of our eBooks include a link to schedule a meeting with us or sign up for a free content audit. 

What do you want your audience to do? Make sure it's relevant to the topic and try to be helpful, not salesy. 

Step 5 - Share it 

Here's the fun part. Get it out there. In addition to the share features included in Canva, we also use SlideShare

My overall favorite way to share is using PointDrive. PointDrive is a paid service through LinkedIn's Sales Navigator. It's not cheap but I've received a good number of leads through it. It also includes Lead Notification & Lead Intelligence


I get an immediate notification when someone views any of my eBooks. I know who they are, where they are (geographic data), how long they were viewing it for (time), and which pages they read. 

Streamline your sales communications with PointDrive

Empowered with analytics information I know who is looking for help and I know by what pages they were reading what they are interested in. Now I can reach out and it isn't a cold call. I know about them and their problem. 

Learn More About Lead Intelligence

I recently published a Podcast episode on Lead Intelligence. It's only 5 minutes long. If you're in B2B sales than this could change your life. 

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