Written by Courtney Morey

A brand guide is necessary for every business to stay consistent in its message, voice, and style. It spells out expectations for how the brand will sound, look, and what it will offer its customers consistently.


Featured here is ESPN's brand guide, photographed by Ian Calleja, and can be found here.

The brand of your business is who your business is, it’s who you’re aiming to sell to and the brand guide is the manual that spells all of these details out clearly to your design team, your copywriters and agreed upon with your client. Without these boundaries and guidelines, your company may seem disjointed and unorganized, which will turn off customers.

Brand guides are so important when it comes to marketing and selling a product. You could have an excellent product, and no one would know it if your marketing strategy is unorganized. The Brand guide provides a uniform way to present your product to the public, it provides consistency and confidence. 

When customers are looking to buy something they are looking to solve a problem, but they are also looking for a company that will be trustworthy and consistent. If the consumer can find a company that has a clear and consistent message for their product, then they will feel more comfortable investing their money into it. And if you can develop a solid brand guide for your marketing team to follow, then your product will sell.

Examples of Brand Guides


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