Written by Jason Zagami

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a form of encryption which protects website visitors. It ensures that any information they are viewing or sending will not be intercepted, stolen or modified. 

secure ssl

Every Website Needs It

It's not just for financial transactions. Every website needs to be protected by an SSL Certificate. If a website isn't protected after July 1st 2018, Google will penalize that site's search ranking and the site will display a notification to visitors that it's not secure. 

It's Free (in many cases)

Many website hosting companies now offer SSL Certificates for free as standard. If yours isn't active, ask them to turn it on for you. 

Web Development

If your websites links or images were hardcoded in, you may need to update those links from http to https. Ask your Web Developer to check that for you. 

How Can You Tell?

Visit your website to see if the URL (address) is HTTP or HTTPS. If It's HTTPS, it is usually green next to a padlock icon and/or the word Secure. 

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