Written by Jason Zagami

Inbound Recruiting is an effective new way to attract qualified candidates using relevant content, conversion paths and valuable resources for skilled workers seeking employment. 


Inbound Recruiting in 6 Steps

1. Employee Personas - Define your ideal employee through personas. This means creating a model of your ideal candidate based on demographics (experience, education & location) and psychographics (behavior and motivation).

2. Content Creation - Develop digital assets in the form of web pages, blog articles, videos, eBooks, and/or infographics. You'll attract candidates searching for open positions with helpful and relevant content. Share your content on social media and employment websites. 

3. Conversion Paths - While blog articles will attract those searching, it's the landing pages, forms & value propositions that drive conversions. Exchange additional content for a leads contact information. Done correctly it nurtures leads and builds trust. 

4. Valuable Resources - Events, Webinars and Live Chat are examples of resources aimed at helping candidates. Ask recent hires what would have benefitted them when they were job hunting. Being helpful shows job seekers that your company culture is caring and empathetic. 

5. Delight - Existing employees are your best resource for promotion. Share testimonials, case studies and examples of upward mobility. Showcase professional development initiatives offered and employment perks. Promote your companies outstanding company benefits. 

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